How We Delivered A High-Impact Video Campaign For Allermi, Resulting In Exceptional Growth

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What Allermi Is Saying About Us

"Working with RoundBox was a dream. We were incredibly impressed by the professionalism and meticulousness from everything to the initial exploratory conversations to the actual shoot day to the editing process to the final product. Avi is an extraordinary producer and director and the production he designed for us has quite literally changed our business - our sales conversion rate is exactly double in customers who see our video compared with our average, something we couldn’t have even anticipated. We’ve received dozens of compliments from customers and investors and feel that the video significantly improved our ability to fundraise successfully. RoundBox took exactly the ideas & feelings we wanted to convey (warmth, professionalism, approachability, science) and created a video for us that expresses exactly those ideals. We really lucked out working with Avi & his team and will not work with anyone else for any future video production projects."

- Shani Bocian - CEO of Allermi


We've always believed in the power of storytelling and human connection to create unforgettable ad campaigns. When we partnered with Allermi, our mission was to craft a powerful video campaign for their custom prescription nasal medicine that would captivate their audience and instill trust in the brand. We wanted to emphasize the human side of Allermi – its founder and doctors – and position them as a reputable solution for people suffering from allergies in a competitive market. Through our creative ingenuity, we developed an emotionally resonant, compelling, and cost-effective video that delivered phenomenal results for Allermi.

Project Objectives

  • Raise awareness about Allermi's custom prescription nasal medicine.
  • Establish Allermi as a reputable and trustworthy solution in a crowded marketplace.
  • Foster an emotional connection between potential customers and the passionate people behind Allermi.
  • Increase conversion rates and improve customer acquisition costs.


The video campaign exceeded expectations, leading to impressive results for Allermi.

  • Impressive Growth: The campaign helped contribute to Allermi’s 30% month-over-month growth rate.
  • Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost: The campaign helped reduce Allermi’s customer acquisition cost 66% by making their brand story front and center.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: The conversion rate more than doubled, by building trust and familiarity with their customer base.
  • Revenue Boost: Allermi experienced a 15x increase in monthly revenue, showcasing the significant impact of the video campaign on the bottom line.

Engagement Metrics

Allermi’s website attracts tens of thousands of visitors per month, with over 80% of them viewing the hero video we created on their homepage. The high view rated signaled our success in capturing the attention of potential customers. Over 30% of visitors interacted with the video on the homepage, demonstrating the video’s success in telling Allermi’s brand story and fueling customer interest. Ultimately, a large portion of viewers became devoted Allermi customers, highlighting the video’s effectiveness in helping to drive conversions.


RoundBox's video campaign for Allermi not only heightened brand awareness but also positioned the company as a trustworthy solution within the medical industry. By showcasing the unique benefits of Allermi's custom prescription nasal medicine and the compassionate and dedicated individuals behind Allermi, we forged a powerful connection with potential customers, resulting in exceptional growth, reduced customer acquisition costs, and increased conversion rates. This case study demonstrates our unwavering belief in the transformative potential of storytelling and human connection in shaping a brand's reputation and driving enduring success.

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