Touching Hearts And Changing Lives: A Compelling Video Campaign For Tomchei LA That Raised Millions

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When we partnered with Tomchei LA, we set out to craft an emotionally engaging and visually striking video campaign that would raise awareness for their fundraising efforts and generate substantial donations. We aimed to showcase the essential work of Tomchei LA, highlighting their unwavering dedication to supporting the Los Angeles Jewish community's most vulnerable members. Facing unique challenges such as conveying the full extent of their programs and maintaining the anonymity of the people they help, we tapped into our creative prowess to develop videos that resonated deeply with viewers, fueling Tomchei LA's mission and making a tangible difference in countless lives.

Project Objectives

The primary objectives of the campaign were:

  • Raise awareness about Tomchei LA's vital work and the breadth of their programs within the Los Angeles Jewish community.
  • Inspire viewers to donate generously to Tomchei LA's fundraising campaigns.
  • Demonstrate the organization's commitment to helping those in need while respecting their anonymity.
  • Foster an emotional connection between potential donors and the individuals served by Tomchei LA.


Our vibrant video campaign delivered exceptional results for Tomchei

Fundraising Success: The videos we created played a significant role in raising millions of dollars for the organization
Awareness Boost:
The campaign elevated Tomchei LA's visibility within the community, generating increased support and involvement.
Strengthened Connections:
The videos fostered a strong emotional bond between potential donors and the people benefiting from Tomchei LA's efforts, despite not revealing their identities.
Versatile Content:
The multiple hero videos, variable cuts, and platform-specific reformats provided Tomchei LA with adaptable content for various fundraising events and campaigns.

Engagement Metrics

The Tomchei LA video campaign captivated viewers, leading to high levels of engagement across platforms. The compelling narrative and heartfelt stories featured in the videos, while respecting the anonymity of those helped, inspired generosity and compassion within the community, resulting in an outpouring of support for Tomchei LA's crucial work.


As a long-term partner of Tomchei LA, we feel honored to work with such an incredible organization. Our video campaign not only raised awareness about the organization's essential work and the full scope of their programs but also galvanized the community to contribute generously to their fundraising campaigns. By creating emotionally resonant and visually captivating videos, we overcame unique challenges and inspired a wave of support for Tomchei LA, enabling them to continue their life-changing efforts within the Los Angeles Jewish community. This case study exemplifies our enduring commitment to harnessing the power of storytelling and authentic connection to create meaningful change and foster enduring success.

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