Diving Into Success: Creating A Captivating Video Campaign For Swimply That Made A Splash

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Our collaboration with Swimply challenged us to develop a dynamic and versatile video campaign that would not only delight audiences but also drive conversions, encouraging people to sign up for the app and experience their unique pool-sharing platform. So, we dove right in and made a splash, crafting four hero videos, three variable cuts, and reformatted content for every platform. Our efforts provided Swimply with an entire year's worth of engaging advertising material that exceeded expectations, proving that staying out of the heat has never been cooler.

Project Objectives

The primary objectives of the campaign were:

  • Generate buzz around Swimply's innovative pool-sharing platform.
  • Position Swimply as an enticing and accessible solution in the sharing economy.
  • Captivate audiences with visually stunning and adaptable video content.
  • Drive conversions and encourage app sign-ups.
  • Deliver a sustainable and effective advertising strategy.


Our vibrant video campaign delivered exceptional results for Swimply:

Increased Conversions: The compelling campaign contributed to higher conversion rates, motivating more people to download the app.
Long-lasting Impact: Swimply effectively utilized the content we created for over two years, maximizing their advertising investments.
Brand Image Transformation: Swimply's brand identity flourished as our high-quality, and visually captivating video content resonated with audiences and reinforced their unique value proposition.

Engagement Metrics

Swimply's video campaign successfully reached and engaged a broad audience, evident by the impressive performance of the hero videos and variable cuts. The seamless integration of content across different platforms enhanced the user experience, strengthening the brand's presence in the sharing economy.


Our video campaign for Swimply not only amplified brand awareness but also showcased the company as an alluring and user-friendly solution in the pool-sharing market. By producing versatile and engaging video content, we enabled Swimply to maintain a robust advertising presence for over a year, driving lasting success. This case study serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to harnessing the power of storytelling and authentic connection in shaping a brand's image and achieving enduring results.

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